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Edit (2023-02-06): The problem persisted and I found the real fix.

I have an “original” Ergodox EZ but the configurator defaulted to “glow”.Choosing the “original” model fixed all issues.

type_setting_1_VEqIrTE.max-800x600Old fix (which I still kept): It’s the first time I was using my Ergodox EZ with my new MacOS setup.

After flashing the keyboard with a slightly adjusted layout, I started experiencing issues. The Ergodox EZ ignored keypresses of the same key when twice in a row. The keyboard dropped keys randomly when I was typing fast.

In those 4 years without updating the firmware, they must have changed the default debounce value.

Lowering the value from 30 down to 5 using the web configurator fixed the issue for me.


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