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Half a year ago, I replaced my Thinkpad T14 with a 14" MacBook Pro M1. I was a happy Linux and Thinkpad user for over 7 years.

This is how it went.

Previous setup

My previous setup was NixOS with i3wm and XFCE as the desktop manager on a Lenovo Thinkpad T14 Gen2. I reviewed it in detail.

The AMD CPU didn’t get hot and the fans didn’t make any noise. Battery life was around 4 hours after some power management tweaks.

The build quality was good, like other Thinkpad T models.

The Good

These are the things I enjoy about my new setup.

The Bad

These are the things that worked better with the old setup.

Apple knows what’s good for you

I am halfway serious. Apple is a trillion-dollar company and has the resources to know what’s good for you. The UX polish comes from the holistic approach to design across the ecosystem.

But who are they designing for? Not programmers.

This is where most of my headache comes from. MacOS doesn’t feel like it’s made to empower developers. How could a tool, that was optimized for a broad audience, possibly empower power users who live in the shell?

If it means clicking on colorful menu items every now and then to use Apple Silicon, so be it!

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