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When using your iPhone's Personal Hotspot, Stardew still connects to the master server.

Use this trick to use your Personal Hotspot as a local only LAN hub to play games like Stardew Valley without internet connection.### 1. Enable Personal Hotspot and connect

Screenshot_2023-06-08_at_1.41.56_PM.max-800x6002. Open Wifi-Settings & Details

Screenshot_2023-06-08_at_1.43.07_PM.max-800x6003. Get the Router IP address

Screenshot_2023-06-08_at_1.43.36_PM.max-800x6004. Use that IP to connect

Screenshot_2023-06-08_at_1.48.43_PM.max-800x600And this is how you can use your iPhone to play with your friends without any internet connection.

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