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Nov. 18, 2021
#travel #linux

Captive Portals in Coffee Shops and Hotels using Linux

You sit in a cozy coffee place and you just finished your coffee.

You are still not connected to the WiFi while the MacBooks and Surface devices around you have sent and received Gigabytes of data since you sat down.

You are a Linux user.

1 min read
Nov. 20, 2021
#linux #nixos

Thinkpad T14 with NixOS and I3WM

3 months ago I installed NixOS, i3wm and XFCE on my new Thinkpad T14 (1st Gen). It is the main machine that I use every day.

In this blog post, I summarize my experience with this setup.

3 min read
Jan. 23, 2022

Fix Autostart On XFCE

It took me three months and five attempts to fix this issue. Upon reboot two terminal panes and one Emacs instance auto-started and I didn’t know why.

2 min read
Oct. 1, 2022
#linux #dokku

Running multiple services on Dokku

Dokku makes it very easy to deploy and run simpler web apps.

Recently, I had to deploy a slightly more complex web app with multiple non-web worker services talking to each other. It’s surprisingly simple to get make this work.

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